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Shipping Terms Glossary


A.A. Always Afloat
a.d. Ante diem/before date 
A.F. Advance Freight
A.H. After Hatch
A.P. Additional Premium 
a/c Account
A/C Account current
A/d After date
a/s (economics) At sight
A/S (sea freight)  Alongside
A/S (trade) Account Sale 
A/S (banking) Account Sales/After sight 
A/V Ad valorem
Acc Accepted,Acceptance
ad/advt Advocate
Afft. Affidavit
aflt. Afloat
AI First class
Alt. Alternate
amt. Amount
an. Anno
Anch. Anchorage
arbtn./ arbtror Arbitration/Arbitrator 
art. Article
assd. Assessed
Assigt. Assignment
Assn. Association
Att. Gen. Attorney General 
att.At.,/ Atty. Attorney
Awb Airwaybill
B.B. Bill Book
B.B.B. Before Breaking Bulk 
b.d. (banking) Bills discounted/Bank draft 
B.D. Bar Draught
B.D.I. Both Dates Inclusive 
B.E. Both ends, at both load/ discharge ports 
B.O.T. Board of Trade
b.p. By procuration (power of attorney) 
B.U. Buyer's option
B/C Bills for collection
B/Ch. Bristol Channel
b/d Broughtdown
B/E Bill of Exchange
B/G Bonded goods
B/H Bil1 of Health/Bulkhead 
B/N Banknote
B/P (banking) Bills payable 
B/P (trade) Bill payable 
B/R Bills receivable
B/S (sea freight)  Bill of Sale
B/T Berth terms
B/S (b.s) (banking) Bill of Sale/Balance Sheet 
bal. Balance
Bd. Bond
Bds. Boards
bkpt. Bankrupt
bre. Barrel
Bs/c Bills of collection
c Currency/Cents/Case/
C and D Collection and Delivery 
C. B. Cash Credit
C. div. Cumulative dividend 
C.a.D. Cash against documents 
C.b.d. Cash before delivery 
c.d. Cash discount/Certificate of deposit 
C.F. Cost and Freight
C.G. Coast Guard
C.G.A. Cargo's proportion of General Average 
C.H. Custom House
C.i.a. Cash in advance
C.I.F. Cost, Insurance, Freight 
C.I.F.c.and I. Cost insurance, Freight, Commission and Interest 
C.L. Carload Lot
C.O.D. Cash on Delivery
C.O.P. Custom of the Port 
C.o.S. Cash on shipment
C.P.D. Charterers Pay Dues 
c.r. Current rate
c.r.m. Cash by return mail/Cash on receipt of merchandise 
c.r.s. Cash by return steamer 
c.w.o. Cash with order
C/A Capital account
c/f  Carried forward
C/H Clearing House
c/m Certificate of manufacture 
C/n Certificate of Origin 
C/N (trade) Credit Note 
C/N (banking) Credit Note 
c/o Care of/Cash order
C/P Charter Party
Carr.pd. (cge.pd.) Carriage paid 
cash b/I Cash against bill of lading 
Cash. Cashier
cd. Sl Conditional sale
ch.ppd. Charges prepaid
chq. Cheque
cl.b/l Clean bill of lading 
cld. Cleared
Coll. Collect/collection
Conf. Confirm/confirmed
Cons.cert. Consular certificate 
ctf. Certified/certificate 
Ctge. Cartage
curr. Current/Currency
D / D Demand Draft
D / N Debit Note
D.1/2 D. Despatch half Demurrage 
D.a. (banking) Documents against acceptance 
D.a.d. Documents against discretion of collecting bank 
D.A. (trade) Deposit account 
D.A.F. Delivery at Frontier 
d.b.k. Drawback
d.d.o. Despatch Discharging only 
D.F. Dead Freight
D.L.O. Despatch Loading Only 
D.P.B. Deposit pass-book
d.s. Days after sight
D.W. Dead Weight
D.W.C.C.C. Dead Weight Cargo Carry Capacity 
d/a Days after acceptance 
D/A (trade) Documents against Acceptance 
D/D Demand draft
D/N Debit note
D/O Delivery Order
D/P Documents against Payment 
D/r Deposit receipt
D/y Delivery
deb. Debit
Decl. Declaration/Declared 
Deft. Defendant
Depr. Depreciation
dft. Draft
dft/a. Draft attached
dft/c Clean draft
Dis. Discount
Distr. Distribute/Distributor 
Div. Dividend/Division
do Ditto
Dr. Drawer
ds dft Sight draft/Date draft 
e.and o.e Errors and omissions excepted 
e.e. Errors excepted
E.P.D. Excess Profit Duty 
E.T. A. Expected Time of Arrival 
E.T.D. Expected Time of Departure 
ea Each
encl. Enclosure
end. Endorsed/endorsement 
ex. Exchange
Ex. int. Ex interest
Ex.d.( ex.div.) Ex dividend (um) 
exl. Exclusive, excluding 
EXQ Ex Quay
EXW Ex Works
F.A.C. Fast As Can
F.a.q. Fair average quality 
F.A.S. Free Alongside Ship 
F.and.D. Freight and Demurrage 
f.b. Freight bill
F.d. Free discharge
F.g. Fully good
f.i.a. Full interest admitted 
f.i.b. Free into bunkers
F.I.O. Free In and Out
F.I.O.S. Free In and Out, Stowed 
F.I.O.S.T. Free In and Out, Stowed and Trimmed 
f.o.c. Free of charge
f.o.l. Free of interest
F.O. Firm Offer
F.O.B. Free On Board
F.O.R. Free On Rail
F.O.T. Free On Truck
f. p. Fully paid
F.P. Floating (open) policy 
F.T. (sea freight)  Freight ton
F.T. (sea freight) Free of Turn
F.T. (sea freight) Full Terms
F.T.W. Free Trade Wharf 
f.x. Foreign exchange
fr.fwrd. Freight forward
frt. coll. Freight collect 
frt.pp. Freight prepaid
FRT. Freight
g r. Gross
G.M.B. Good merchantable brand 
G.R.T. Gross Register Tonnage 
gr. wt. Gross weight
Gtee. Guarantee
Gtee.(gtd ). Guarantee/Guaranteed 
H.O. Head Office
H.P. Horse Power
H.W.M. High Water Mark
hrs. Hours
İ. B. Invoice Book 
I.O.U. I owe you
I/c In charge of
I/F Insufficient funds
İ/F Insufficient funds 
I/I Indorsement irregular 
Incl. Included, inclusive 
Inst. Instant (present month) 
Irr. Irredeemable
j.a. Joint account
L.a. Letter of advice
L.b. Long bill
L.B. Life Boat
L.C.D. Telegram Country Destination 
L.C.O. Telegram Country Origin 
L.h. Letter of hypothecation 
L.H. Lower Hold
L.O.A. Length Overall
L/C Letter of Credit
L/D Letter of deposit
Led. Ledger
Liq. Liquidation,1iquidated/liquid 
Ltd. Limited
m.d. Months date/months after date 
M.I.P. Marine Insurance Policy 
M.O. Money Order
M.O.L.O.O. More or Less In Owner's Option 
m.p. Months after payment 
m.s. Months after sight, months sight 
M/R Mate's Receipt Ordino 
Marg. Margin

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